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LRS Cloudprint

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Please follow the steps below or download the "Signing up to the LRS CloudPrint™ Service" guide

  1. Open your Azure Active Directory® instance and find the Enterprise Applications blade
  2. Select LRS CloudPrint in the list of applications
  3. Under Manage on the left hand navigation, click Properties
    1. "Enabled for users to sign-in?" is set to Yes
    2. "User assignment is required?" is set to No
  4. Under the Manage on the left hand navigation, click Users and Groups
  5. Assign LRS CloudPrint Role(s)
    1. Assign the LRS CloudPrint Service Owner role to anyone who will
      1. Manage the account subscription
      2. Remove users
      3. Redact users data in reports
    2. Assign the LRS CloudPrint Administrator Role to anyone who will manage the printing system
      1. Create devices and printers
      2. Upload printer drivers and printer configurations
      3. Administrate pending print jobs
    3. Assign the LRS CloudPrint User role to anyone who you want to print via LRS CloudPrint

NOTE: A single user can be assigned multiple roles.

NOTE: You need to allocate the LRS CloudPrint Service Owner role to either a user with the LRS CloudPrint Administrator role or the LRS CloudPrint User role 

All done! Login to the LRS CloudPrint and start setting up your printers!